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American Church Supply is small business which manufactures custom  Orthodox and Eastern Rite garments. Owned and operated by Steve M. Zanis and Beth E. Zanis, we have been in business since 1953 years! We custom make vestments for Orthodox churches and clergy including vestments for Priests, Deacons, Altar Boy robes and more. We also sell yard goods used in making Orthodox garments and we import metalcrafts from Greece that are used in the Orthodox Church. We primarily sell to Orthodox Churches and Byzantine Rite Churches. We also sell fabrics for Catholic vestments but we do not make the Roman style Chasubles.

Established in 1953 by Rev. Steve Zanis and Presvetera Maria Zanis.

Owned by Steve M. Zanis and Beth Zanis.

This map hangs in the office and a pin marks every customer before 1980.

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